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CHELSIE ANDERSON - Chelsie's Garden Soil-utions

Trees as Part of a Natural System

Ever wonder why trees give up to a third of their sugars to friendly fungi? Or how ants “farm” aphids for not only their own benefit, but perhaps for the benefit of the aphids, and ultimately your tree? Ever wonder why conifer needles heat up so much in summer, seemingly to the tree’s own detriment? In her 60 minute talk Chelsie Anderson will explain some of the natural connections that occur in your very own garden, and how this drama ultimately benefits not only you, but also the critters and plant life that exist in your neighborhood. Chelsie’s passion for natural connections will guide her talk and help you to understand why certain critters choose your trees, and by happy outcome, why your perennials and vegetables will also thrive by having a few trees nearby.

Bio: Chelsie Anderson is the owner and operator of Chelsie’s Garden Soil-utions in Calgary. She is a regular contributor to the CTV Calgary morning show and is the co-author of the Three Year Gardener’s Gratitude Journal. Chelsie is always up for a challenge and Inspiring, outdoor work. She spends her free time growing food for her three kids, two guinea pigs, and millions of red wiggler worms: she knows that all good things start in the soil.

Learn more about Chelsie: https://www.chelsiesgardens.com/

Date | Time: Sunday, March 8: 1:00pm

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DALEY BROCHU - Exposure Solar

Save $$$ Going Solar in Alberta

Daley Brochu, CEO of Exposure Solar, will give you the information required to better understand the benefits as well as the limitations of grid tied solar. The presentation will cover the major components of a solar system, design and installation of a solar system and most importantly the financial benefits of solar compared to purchasing electricity from the grid and how we crunch the numbers. Come find out if solar could be right for your home, farm or business!

Date; Time:

Saturday, March 7: 2:00 pm

Sunday, March 8: 2:00 pm

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ANGELA SOMMERS - Herons Nest Landscape

Gardening Trends for 2020

Think unconventional and sustainable. Angela will cover "re-wilding" the garden, edible landscapes, dark foliage, succulents, novel greens and landscaping for extreme conditions.


 Date | Time: Saturday, March 7: 1:00 pm



Kelly Holyoak -  Normandeau Window Coverings

Creating the WOW factor with Window Coverings & Wallpaper!

Wallpaper and layering fabrics with trim and embellishments is making a big comeback this year. Kelly will show you how drapes can make a dramatic difference in the way your windows look. No matter what size your home is, details matter, every texture and pattern can make an impact. By adding a personal touch to things like decor and wallpaper, your home will feel more unique. By using layering techniques to elevate the textures and patterns of your walls, the possibilities are endless! In any home, bling goes a long way. Having something that adds a little sparkle or glimmer can create a focal point and really help brighten up a mediocre room.


From drab to fab…. Kelly will demonstrate the impact of layering wallpaper, blinds and fabric to provide you with some major design inspiration & show you how small change can go a long way.


Learn more about Kelly at  




 Date | Time: Saturday, March 7: 11:00 am



SCOTT SMYTHE -  Tree Hugger Tiny Homes

The Tiny House Revolution

"Have you ever considered reducing your footprint due to environmental concerns? Have you ever wondered what your life would look like without the huge financial burden of a mortgage?  Are you seeking ways to free up personal time or looking to travel more? Maybe you are considering downsizing or simply want to see what all the Tiny House hype is about?

The popularity of Tiny Homes and minimalist living is on the rise and is changing the way we look at housing and our personal finances. Join us for a look at the driving factors behind the Tiny House movement, why it has become so appealing to such a diverse part of the population, and, where it is headed in the future."   


 Date | Time: Saturday, March 7: noon



Pamela Der -  Carpet Colour Centre

How to Love Your Space

"Achieving your best home lifestyle where interior design meets organization"



 Date | Time: Sunday, March 8: noon



TerryLee Ropchan, Executive Director & Janise Somer, Programs & Communications Coordinator -Central Alberta Crime Prevention Centre 

Crime Prevention for Your Home

Learn some very practical ideas that you can incorporate to make your home and property safer and less attractive to the criminal element.


Date| Time:

Friday, March 6: 3:00 pm

Saturday, March 7: 3:00 pm

Sunday March 8: 3:00 pm 




Wayne will be attending the show on Saturday and Sunday. Look for him in the Hotels Red Deer booth. He  will also be offering a handsaw demonstration on Sunday at 1:00 pm. 

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